IFR IPO WCH 2017, ONLINE Sunday 27. 8.

IFR IPO WCH 2017, ONLINE Sunday 27. 8.



Now it is time to say good-bye and thank you… We have enjoyed a wonderful event, the organizers did a perfect job and everything went smoothly, competitors and audience were satisfied. I have to say thank you to the organizing team for their cooperation with ProfiDOG.cz – THANK YOU! 🙂 I also have to thank my team members Lucie Spálenková and Míša Černá, we laughed a lot and enjoyed our work, which is sometimes not easy at all. I have to repeat my thank you to Markéta Braierová and Eva Fiedlerová, who are translating online coverage into English. Last but not least, thank you to Jana Morávková and Jiří Fryč for their help with results! 🙂 I also have to thank everybody who came to us personally and thanked us for our online coverage, information, photos and all our work. We really appreciate it, especially when competitors whose performances didn´t go to plan are thanking us for unbiased coverage – to provide you with such information is our main aim! It is all for today from the IFR WCH and we are looking forward to future events! 🙂 …if everything is fine, we may meet at the FCI IPO WCH, we will see… 🙂 Have a nice time with your dogs! 🙂 On behalf of ProfiDOG.cz Draha Mašková 🙂


We know the winner! Richard Adams from the Netherlands with his dog Finn vom Erpenstein became the IFR IPO World Champions 2017! 🙂 Cristiano Cavallo from Italy finished on the second place and the third place goes to Dmitry Dudukin from Russia! Congratulations to all competitors! 🙂


Now awards for best disciplines! Tony Esprit from Belgium gets a wonderful cup for Best Tracking (99 points), Madde Daleo also from Sweden won Best Obedience (96 points) and cup for Best Protection goes to Holland and Richard Adams (97 points)!


Best teams are now being announced! 3rd place goes to the Netherlands, 2nd place to Sweden and 1st place belongs to Germany! 🙂


Dirk Vandecasteele, the IFR president, opened the ceremony with his speech. He talked about the mission that is connecting Rottweiler´s owners and said he was honoured to be the IFR president. His speeches are simply honest and true, a Rottweiler fan is feeling to be a part of one family and to be proud of this breed! We have a great IFR president, and we wish him best of luck in everything he is doing for the Rottweilers! 🙂


The closing ceremony of the IFR IPO World Championship 2017 has just started! 🙂


The podium for the winners is prepared on the field in Beerse, wonderful cups are gleaming on the table and everybody admires massive Rottweiler statues from Arte Peruno. Pro Plan dry food is ready and so are the blinds from Euro Joe company. The closing ceremony is about to start! 🙂


We have just got to know that closing ceremony is starting at 13.50! 🙂


Now we are watching a demonstration of Ring sport here at the stadium in Beerse. The closing ceremony and announcement of the winners will take place right after that! 🙂 We are staying ONLINE for you, so stay with us! 🙂


The last protection of the IFR IPO WCH 2017 is just starting! 🙂 Rado Lukanc is on the field! Blind search was fast and with dog looking into the blinds. Riva was jumping up to the helpers face during bark and hold. Call out was precise, but grip on the escape could be fuller. Dog had full grip on the re-attack and both outs were clean. Guarding was attentive. Back transport was correct and grip on the attack was full and powerful. Side transport was nice. Dog put the brakes on before long attack and grip could be fuller. The out after the re-attack was bit unwilling. Riva is nice and drivy female. She is also in season and the heat here is terrible. Hats off to her! The judge is now thanking all his assistance and says goodbye to spectators! Last score – 90 points! 🙂


I got a present from Dirk Vandecasteele, his new book: A layman’s walk through basic canine genetics – genetic diseases and the correlation with a reduced genetic diversity of the breed. Thank you once again for this gift and I am looking forward to reading it and finding some new interesting things. Apart from that it is a professional book about this topic focused on Rottweilers. I am really pleased :-).


The last protection starts in 15 minutes! 🙂


Slovenian competitor Rado Lukanc and his female Riva Tri Zvezde are ready for their obedience. The one and only female in heat at this IFR IPO 2017 and the last obedience of this championship! Riva’s work needs more joy and energy. Turns should be tighter and the female has tendencies to lag. The handler was helping her by slowing down the pace. Sit and down in motion were slow. Recall was with nice present. Stand in motion was with extra steps. The run out for the flat retrieve was nice, but return was slow. The finish was crooked. Dog clipped the hurdle and struggled to get back over the A frame a bit. Down on the sendaway was hesitant, yet on first command. What is the final score of this championship going to be? We are going to have to wait as the dummy dog is now doing his round. The judge is awarding 86 points for the last obedience of this championship!


The female in heat is just haveing a practice session! 🙂


Last but one protection of today, Dutch handler Michael Michorius! Blind search was nice and dog was looking into the blinds. Bark and hold could be more intense. Escape was powerful and so was the re-attack. However, dog was focusing on the handler when handler came round. Back transport was correct, but dog should have fuller grips on the re-attacks. This could be also said about long attack, the grip was only by the front teeth and dog was also bothering the helper after the out. Today 70 points.


Silke Dersch from Germany and her Aki v/d Wichtelhäusern are on the field! Blind search was faultless and dog was looking into the blinds. Call out was superb. The grip on the escape was full and out immediate. The next bite was again powerful and guarding was active and full of energy. Back transport was excellent and re-attack was powerful. However, the grip could be firmer. Long attack was again with loosening grip. Nevertheless it was superb round. The judge awarded 93 points.


Finnish competitor Soili Paldanius with her female Finnways Dolly are already at the start point! Blind search was tight and fast and dog was looking in. Bark and hold was immediate, but barking could be more energetic. When the handler came round the blind dog moved away from the helper and then moved again about half way between the handler and the helper. The dog came off the sleeve after the re-attack that followed back transport and the judge terminated the protection – dog couldn’t handle the pressure. The judge is very tolerant towards naughty dogs, but when a dog shows weakness of this sort, he is very uncompromising.


Protection will be starting at 11.35! 🙂


Michael Michorius from Holland is on the field together with dummy dog. Him and his dog Larzo vom Dunvanhof are going to show us their obedience first! Dog could be more focused, especially the turns should be clearer. Dog stood instead of sit in motion, down in motion was correct. Recall was fantastic and dog jumped into the finish without touching the handler. Stand in motion was with steps forward and recall was again with the jump. Dog was chewing the dumbbell slightly during flat retrieve, but otherwise in a good speed. Hurdle was with contact on the way out and even bigger one on the way back. A frame was correct. Sendaway was superb! The judge is awarding 80 points.


Soili Paldanius from Finland and Silke Dersch from Germany are ready! The heelwork was focused and correct, but could be bit faster. Sit in motion was fast. Dog hesitated slightly before down in motion, but recall was lovely a so was the finish. Dog walked for a bit during stand in motion, but recall and finish were again perfect. Dog touched the handler on the flat retrieve, but work was done in a good speed. Female Finnways Dolly didn’t sit and walks with the handler who went to collect the dumbbell so she can throw it again. The retrieve itself was lovely, but two commands were needed to get the finish. Despite that, Soili is smiling. She obviously has a very nice relationship with Dolly. Sendaway was towards the blind 6, but down was immediate. I have to mention, that 4 blinds are permanently on the field even in obedience. It may be worth to try this also in training. Silke Dersch is on the field ready to start! Aki v/d Wichtelhäusern could be more focused on the handler and was lagging and moving away especially in the group. Dog stood instead of sit in motion. Down in motion was correct and stand was very slow. The recall was also really slow. Dog clipped the hurdle and sat crooked. Other than that the retrieves were good. Sendaway was immediate but could be faster. Total – 81 points for Finland and 83 for Germany.


Next lot of obedience will start at 10.45 with one pair of handlers followed by another competitor who will have dummy dog on the field with him. Then we will have three protections left and as the last one will be on the filed Slovenian handler Rado Lukanec with his female in heat. IFR IPO WCH 2017 is slowly coming to the end, but we will be here for a while so stay with us! 🙂


The last one of this group to present her dog in protection is Sami Hamalainen from Finland! Musanterin Qurko couldn’t wait to see the helper so he missed blind 5 where he has already been twice today J Grips were good and outs clean. The dog was guarding nicely. Dog was forging slightly towards the end of back transport, but re-attacks were lovely. The dog didn’t sit before the start of side transport. Long attack was nice only grips could be better during second part of the routine. Total 84 points for Finland!


Germany has a big fan club at the stadium which is now loudly supporting their handler Rainer Dersch! Blind search and bark and hold were ok. Call out was very precise and fast. Dog was just adjusting the position slightly. Escape was very powerful with the full grip and out was clean. Re-attack, dog only momentarily lost focus on the helper when handler came round. Back transport was superb. Unfortunately the female run in front of helper before the start of the side transport. Long attack was powerful but grip was weak, sadly. The rest of the routine was correct. For me, this is Rottweiler female with the heart at the right place! Bambam got his handler 88 points today. The fans are not totally satisfied…


Swedish handler Peter Bjarehäll is ready to go! Some confusion around blind 5, but handler managed to navigate the dog to the blind. Bark and hold was with gaps in barking and call out was incorrect. Down on the escape was slow. Both first grips were not full, but outs were ok and dog was active during guarding. Dog was forging noticeably during back transport and grip on the attack was on the elbow and wasn’t full. Dog was dirty after the second re-attack and was forging during side transport. He also wasn’t in the correct position during the walk for long attack. Bite was again with the weak grip and dog was bothering the helper a lot until the handler came after the re-attack. Total score 50 points.


Beerse is enjoying hot and sunny Sunday. It’s going to be hot on the competition field too. Simon Hopcroft-Lopez from Great Britain is ready to start his round! Blind search was in a good speed and barking started immediately only with small gaps before the handler came round. Call out was textbook example. Grip on the escape was full and stable, but out was unwilling and chewy. Re-attack was ok and back transport excellent. Next two bites were full, but totally without power especially during the attack out of transport. Unfortunately dog was coming off the sleeve repeatedly on the long attack and judge decided to terminate this protection. The dog could not cope with pressure… What a shame, this team had a really good tracking an obedience score. Nothing we can do. 🙁


Protection will start in 5 minutes. We will see the first 6 handlers who already did their obedience this morning! 🙂


Third pair of competitors is ready to go. We will see Rainer Dersch from Germany and Sami Hamalainen from Finland! Bambam v/d Wichtelhäusern could be more focused during first part of obedience. He was then fully focused during motion exercises and positions are assumed correctly including recall and finish. The recall could be little bit faster. Stand in motion was only with one extra step to keep balance. Recall was superb, but dog needed two commands to get to heel. Dog bumped the handler on the flat retrieve, but exercise was executed with great speed and drive. Dog had calm grip on the dumbbells and was flying over the hurdle and A frame! Sendaway was superb, with immediate down. The best sendaway we have seen so far. Finnish Rottweiler Musanterin Qurko with his handler Sami Hamailainenem are ready to start! The pair could work a bit faster and the performance is lacking drive and power. Sit in the group was really slow, but we have to say that although Qurko was slow he was also nicely focused on his handler. Sit and down in motion was correct. Stand was with extra steps, but recalls were lovely with great finishes. Dog touched the hurdle on the way out. The dog had total breakdown after the A frame. He run to the blind 5 then 6 and then he returned to the handler. We just couldn’t believe it, but we soon found out why. The helper was getting ready for protection at the next pitch. The dog seen him and thought it was protection and he was looking for the helper even during the sendaway although the judge told helper to go away. The dog then run again blind 5 instead of the sendaway and handler told him to down there… What a shame. The helper ACCIDENTALLY spoiled performance of this Finnish team. Nevertheless nobody could have known, because the helpers were getting ready on the next pitch during past two days… Total scores – 92 points for Germany and 66 for Finland. Sami looks really upset :-(.


Few words about yesterday’s party. It was held at the dog sport club Witven, where draw took place. Party tents were decorated and lit and inside was unbelievable amount of great food. Several kinds of meat were served (steaks, hamburgers, ribs, chicken bites, skewers and kebabs). You could make your own salad from variety of vegetables. Baked potatoes, potato salad, bread and lots of sauces were also on offer… Everyone had to buy their own drinks and lmajority of the guests were drinking lovely Belgian beer.-). We really enjoyed the food and bought some raffle tickets. The money from the ruffle was going to cats and dogs shelter run by sister Kathleen Vos. I have left the tickets with Kathleen, because we had to leave early due to work commitments. It was great surprise for us to find out next day that ProfiDOG won the raffle! We have lovely statue of Rottweiler from Arte Peruno company, who is one of the sponsors not only of this competition but also the previous years of IFR. Thank you! We are very pleased! 🙂


Simon Hopcroft-Lopez from Great Britain and Peter Bjarehäll from Sweden are on the field! Simon’s Vonkassel Djuke works naturally and heelwork was really nice. Second part of obedience was with minor errors. Down in motion could be faster and stand was with extra steps. Retrieves could also be a lot faster especially presents. Djuke was waiting for long time before he sat with the dumbbell after the A frame. The jumps were lovely and sendaway was nice and fast with immediate down. Peter Bjarehäll with dog Just Ask Yaxon is good to go! Dog should be more focused on the handler, he appears like he is not interested at all. Dog sat after standing for a while. Down in motion was nice, but present after the recall should be tighter. Stand needed two commands. Run out for the retrieves was nice, but dog picks the dumbbells up on the way back. A frame was ok and present was correct during all three retrieves without chewing. Sendaway needed two commands… The goal post present problem to many… Simon 90 points and Peter 75.


The last 8 handlers will be doing their obedience and protection today. Jimmy Nilsson from Sweden Švédska and Petteri Ikonen from Finland are first two on the field! Judges and both competitors are on the field ready to start! Stay with us! 🙂 Female Showbusiness Duracelle looks happy in her work and was nicely focused on her handler. She should have more correct position in the group. Sit in motion was with a delay after the command and same in down in motion. The position was assumed quickly, but there is a delay after the command. Recall after the down was nice and fast. Dog walked behind the handler in stand in motion and stopped just before handlers turned, typical of RottweilersJ. Duracelle didn’t sit in the present the flat retrieve, but remaining retrieves were ok. Sendaway was lovely, but tow command need to down. The female was looking at the goal post with only one question mirroring in her eyes J Petteri Ikonen with Zirabanden II Capo are getting ready to start! Heelwork was really bouncy, dog was drivy, but jumps far too much. When he wasn’t jumping up and down then he was in the handler’s way… Sit in motion was correct. Down in motion was slow and dog jumped up at the handler before the down. Stand was with extra steps. Recall was superb, dog has tons of drive :-). Retrieves were worked with lots of drive and speed, but dog was touching the handler and chews the dumbbells. Sendaway was very speedy, but dog was disappointed that there was nothing at the end of the field and lay down on second command. First couple of scores today – 80 points for Sweden and 76 for Finland.


Good morning from sunny Belgian town Beerse. Today, we will find out who will be new IFR IPO 2017 Champion! 🙂


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