The World Championship of German Boxer will take place this year from the 6th to 8th of April in the northern Spanish town of Haro in the province of La Rioja. Things worth mentioning about Haro are for example, the Nuestra Señora de la Vega Basilica and the Santo Tomás parish church with a bell tower.

Twenty-eight competitors from 11 countries, including one handler from Japan will meet up in the the region famous for the red wine. Italy has the highest number of competitors – 8 handlers. Number of handlers in each category as follows: 6x IPO1, 2x IPO2, 20x IPO3.

Two weeks before the trial, these competitors withdrew their entry forms from the Championship: David Martin Igual from Spain, Anna Rugeri from Italy, Takashi Takahashi from Japan and Annette Siegmann from Switzerland.



Competitors will compete at the El Mazo City Stadium.



A: Vincent Solare (France)

B: Jose Miguel Asensio (Spain) – injured, replaced by David García Suárez

C: Daniel Thibaut (Belgium)

Supervisor: Jorge Alcaraz (Spain)


Tracking will be on dirt.



Mikel Pino, Daniel Rodriguez, Ivan Lopez, Augustin Jurado will be in Spain ONLINE! 🙂 Official website:


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