FMBB TOP 20, Sunday 29. 4. 2018

FMBB TOP 20, Sunday 29. 4. 2018


We know the scores now and the new World Champion of FMBB 2018. Huge congratulations to him, but also to other competitors! 🙂 We have spent unforgettable 6 days in Slovenian Ajdovščina and we are going home with many experiences and impressions, not only from fascinating Belgian Shepherds, lovely surroundings of Ajdovščina, but also from Friday night’s severe wind. We are glad that nobody got hurt and we survived the Bora wind unharmed. It’s time to say goodbye now, the long journey home is awaiting us. We would like to express a huge thank you to our readers who subscribed to our ONLINE news. We appreciate that you are not copying our texts and sharing them out. Thank you to team, it was hard work, but we are used to that!:) Photographs were provided by Jan Samuel, results from tracking by Míša Černá, results by Karolína Slivoňová, translations by Eva Fiedlerová, Markéta Braierová and Marika Bursíková. Next ONLINE coverage is scheduled for next week. We are going to WDSF, the World Championship of Dutch Shepherds in Holland. That’s all from the FMBB and from Slovenia for today. See you all soon. For Draha Mašková 🙂

PS: Next year, the FMBB will be held in the Czech Republic in Pisek!


Finally, we got to IPO individuals! 🙂


The system of announcing the winners is, that firstly the agility, obedience, mondioring and IPO teams have been announced, followed by individuals from each sport. It’s logical, but ceremony is long for the handlers and dogs who have to stand in burning sun which is almost unbearable…


Now, the IPO results are being announced! Czech team finished at superb 3rd place, huge congratulation!


Winners from other sports are being announced at the ceremony too, so the Czech team has just been crowned World Champions! Super result! Czech national anthem is filling the air at the stadium in Ajdovščina!


The competitors have been stood into the half circle on the field, the lawn is covered in array of colours and handler’s children are running behind the teams. The atmosphere is happy and chilled. After the speeches, the best handlers from each phase are announced. The best track had Tatyana Krylova from Russia, best obedience Florian Knabel from Germany and best protection Pavol Šlahor from Slovakia.


The closing ceremony of FMBB 2018 is just starting! …sadly we didn’t have any idea about its beginning because nobody said anything, so the competitors are racing back on the field to catch up with their marching teams…


New FMBB 2018 world champion is Florian Knabl from Germany with his dog Conan vom Clan der Wölfe, who won with total score of 460,5 points! Congratulations! 🙂


The last protection of this year’s FMBB is here! Florian Knabl with his dogConan vom Clan der Wölfe is on the field! The spectators are standing around, everyone wants to see the future FMBB world champion… What a respectable performance and lovely finish to the FMBB 2018. Conan is the synonym of power and fight. Despite that, there was one mistake made in the last guarding phase. Conan jumped up in front of the helper and touched the sleeve with his chin when he came down…Let’s wait for the points. Just a little explanation: As there are different opinions circulated around on the topic regard a very different scores of German favourite Florian Knabl, I have asked the judge Jozef Adamuščin for his opinion. He gave this handler 79 point. Those points were given because the dog was pushing into the handler quite often, was crabbing in places and hopping. But the main point deduction was mainly for incorrect verbal handler help. The judge was quite close to the handler and therefore he could hear the extra commands, which not all other judges could hear… Back to protection now, it was fabulous round and the judges are giving out 92 points!


Theo Sporrer from Germany is on the field and this is one before the last protection of this FMBB 2018! Blind search was precise and bark and hold was intense and barking regular. Call out was without any problems. Escape was hard and powerful. Dog was focused for a moment on the handler during back transport and the heelwork was unnatural. The handler also helped the dog with his foot. Attack out of transport was correct and long attack was fantastic! Two commands needed to get the out after the re-attack and dog is more interested in the person during guarding and not the sleeve. Arkan von der schwarzen Mamba is moving so he can bark at the helper’s body rather than the sleeve. The judges are giving out 87,5 points.


Another Russian competitor! Uliana Maltseva is sending her dog Vyatkins’Y’Rampage to the first blind! Dog’s work was superb until the back transport, where he is forging a little. All bites were fast, powerful and dog have a lot of fight in him. Long attack was nicely done and so was the re-attack. I am not sure what to write anymore, unless there is a mistake as the performances are seriously superb! Fantastic 90 points! 🙂


Pavol Šlahor from Slovakia is at the start point! Everything was correct until escape where dog only griped the sleeve by front teeth, but despite that the dog was fighting really well. Re-attack was superb and both outs were immediate with attentive guarding. Dog was forging slightly just before the attack during back transport. Grip on the long attack was full, but dog needs two commands to out. Re-attack was correct. Overall a lovely round, Aramis Red Devils Dog is fast, powerful and feisty. 87,5 points.


Tomáš Louda will be fighting for a good score for the Czech Republic! Good luck! Sadly dog run from blind 4 towards the A frame behind it, but Tomáš managed to get him back. Unfortunately he missed blind 4. Bark and hold was correct and so was the call out. Escape was powerful and re-attack without problems. Dog was moving away from the leg to the side during the turn in the back transport. Rest of the routine was correct. Long attack was lovely, but dog outed bit soon after the re-attack. 79,5 points for Tomáš and Bouí.


Natalya Volkomurova from Russia is ready to start! Blind search was faultless and so was bark and hold! The call out was unbelievable, I have never seen anything like that before! The female just jumped into the position. Both two bites were powerful and dog was really fighting the helper. Back transport was correct, attack out of transport excellent and so was the long attack and final re-attack. 89,5 points!


Next one on the field will be Xerach García from Spain! Unfortunately the team got disqualified after the long attack. Dog didn’t out at all and handler had to hang dog up by the collar to get the out. The whole stadium is trying to support the team and is applauding their work…


Protection is just starting! Russian competitor Tatyana Krylova is coming on the hot and sunburned trial field in Ajdovščina! Vyatkin’s Kombrig is running blinds fast and tight, bark and hold and call out were correct. Escape was powerful and dog was fighting the helper well. Re-attack was excellent and both outs were smooth. Dog was forging a lot during back transport and distance from the helper was really too short. Dog’s grip on the long attack wasn’t strong enough and dog came off… 82,5 points.


We now have only the final 8 protections left, so let’s see if they will be starting now or later…


And here comes the grand finals of obedience – starting number 2 in TOP 20 – Theo Sporrer with Arkan von der schwarzen Mamba are at the start point! Starting number 1 in TOP 20 – Florian Knabl with Conan vom Clan der Wölfe are ready for down stay! We will soon find out what the performances of the German pair will be like, the very last two obedience rounds of the FMBB 2018! 🙂 …it is a pity that music is not playing when the competitors are entering the field in Ajdovščina, it would definitely raise the mood and adrenaline! 🙂 Heelwork of Theo and Arkan is really swift, Arkan has excellent focus on the handler. Sit in motion could be more immediate. Unfortunately, dog stood instead of down in motion, recall was very speedy and really tight. Stand in motion was fantastic followed by perfect recall and finish. Retrieve on the flat was fine. Theo is throwing the dumbbell twice over the hurdle and retrieve was simply amazing and so was retrieve over A frame. Sendaway was supersonic, sadly two commands were needed to down… Florian and Conan are at the start point! 🙂 Heelwork, well what more we can say, imagine the perfect heelwork and that’s exactly what we have just seen. When it comes to first two motion exercises they were also perfect, but stand in motion was with handler help and the handler also moved to the side a slightly. Recalls were lovely and finishes superb. Retrieves were also excellent and Florian was throwing the dumbbell over the jump until he was happy with where it landed. I would like to mention this to all dog sport handlers (only if the dog is able to stay in the sit position though), don’t be afraid to throw the dumbbell again if you are not happy with where it landed. I have seen many retrieves over the hurdle or A frame that gone wrong, just because the handlers couldn’t be bothered to throw the dumbbell again. Back to the performances now… Sendaway was absolutely awesome! 84,5 points for Theo Sporrer, Florian Knabel 88,5 points.


Next coming on the field is Pavol Šlahor from Slovaki and Uliana Maltseva from Russia! 🙂 Pavol with Aramis Red Devils Dog are heeling briskly and in harmony, it´s pleasant to watch them, turns are precise and sits nice. Sit in motion could be a bit more immediate, down was nice, but there were some extra steps on stand. Both recalls and finishes were speedy with tight presents and precise finishes. Retrieves were done really fast, jumps over the hurdle were long and elegant, presents were tight – there were no major mistakes. …The Russian team is leaving the down stay spot and dog Vyatkins´Y´Rampage is barking. Sendaway was fast, however down could be a little bit more immediate. Nevertheless, this round was very nice as a whole! 🙂 Uliana with Rampage are at the start point now! 🙂 Rampage was barking during the first part of heelwork and at pace changes, other than that heeling is fresh, nimble and fast. All motion exercises were very precise, but there was a slight contact with the handler on the first recall, finishes were nice. Speed of the flat retrieve was incredible, but way back was a bit wide. Present was perfectly correct. Jumps over the hurdle were clean, unfortunately dog bumped into the handler on present after A frame, retrieve itself was fast and willing. When walking to the start point, dog was barking again. Sendaway was fantastic! 🙂 83.5 points for Pavol Šlahor and 84.5 points for Uliana Maltseva! 🙂


Here we go! 🙂 Tomáš Louda with Bouí z Údolí Jizery are heading for down stay! 🙂 Natalya Volkomurova from Russia is ready to start! 🙂 Female Camino Brillante Azima is bouncing in some places, otherwise is nicely focused, she is heeling swiftly and looks happy. Sit in motion was flawless! Down was excellent followed by fantastic stand in motion – and I dare to say that we have watched the best stand so far, absolutely fabulous! Recalls are speedy with tight presents and quick finishes. Female bumped into the handler when presenting the flat retrieve. She touched the hurdle slightly on the way back and again there was a handler contact on present. The handler threw the dumbbell twice over the A frame. Sendaway was really speedy with immediate down, this obedience was wonderful as a whole! 🙂 Now Tomáš Louda with Bouí are next up! 🙂 Off-lead heeling is attentive and Bouí is working with joy, turns and sit are well performed. Sit and down in motion were very nice, unfortunately Tomáš did a mistake before the stand in motion. Instead of running, he started to walk, then he realized his fault and stopped shocked. He looked at the judges, Josef Adamuščin showed him to continue… Bouí didn´t stand on command, he went half way down and after two seconds went fully down – and the handler slightly turned his head back probably in worries if Bouí didn´t carry on running. Retrieve on the flat and over the hurdle were nicely performed in fast tempo, but present after A frame was a bit loose. Bouí did a small circle in the middle of the field on sendaway, down was immediate. 89.5 points for Russia – female was creeping a little on the down stay – and 80.5 points for the Czech Republic!


The last eight obedience rounds of TOP 20 and of the whole FMBB 2018 have just started! 🙂 Tatyana Krylova from Russia and Xerach García from Spain are entering the field! 🙂 Tatyana with Vyatkin´s Kombrig are at the starting point, Xerach with Ceo de Ydre are heading for the down stay. Dog could be more focused during heelwork, he was forging in the first part of heeling and the first sit was slow. Sit in motion was a bit slower too, down was correct followed by tight present and correct finish. Stand in motion was precise and so was recall and finish. Retrieve on the flat was fine. Dog was chewy when presenting the dumbbell after jumps over the hurdle and so he did after the A frame, where there was also a contact with the handler. Sendaway was performed in a slow tempo, dog was slowing down from the middle of the field awaiting the command to down. Spain is at the starting point! 🙂 Dog is very nicely concentrated and team is working in harmony. Motion exercises were immediate and precise, recalls were fast and finishes lovely, the audience is enjoying this performance and is awarding each exercise with applause. Dog bumped into the handler on the flat retrieve and hold on the dumbbell wasn´t firm – may be due to the heat, it´s difficult for the dog to breathe while holding the dumbbell. Jumps over the hurdle were amazing and A frame was done really lovely. Sendaway was speedy with immediate down position. 81 points for Russia and 89 points for Spain! 🙂


Now there is a pause until 12.15… We are looking forward to performances of eight competitors, one of them will be Tomáš Louda with Bouí z Údolí Jizery from the Czech Republic and we keep our fingers crossed! Of course, we wish good luck to all competitors and we hope they will enjoy their performances! 🙂


Diamond Hansel from USA is at the start point! 🙂 Unfortunately, this performance finishes off before the first side transport, the dog attacked the helper and disqualification… 🙁


From the tenth place in TOP 20, Arnold Kivago from Hungary with Lito vom Adlerauge are ready to go! 🙂 Blind search is excellent, bark and hold energetic and regular, call out was done correctly without any hesitation. Lito almost pulled the helper on the ground on the escape, attack was fierce and powerful followed by immediate outs and active guarding. Back transport and attack out of transport were fine. Long attack was absolutely fab! Re-attack was hard as well, what a superb round! 🙂 But let´s wait what the judges will say! 🙂 …however, the grandstands already have their opinion – the audience is applauding and Arnold takes his cap off and thanks the fans! 🙂 …the Hungarian team is waiting for its member behind the railing and immediately gives Arnold some water for Lito to refresh, a very nice team cooperation. Arnold and Lito are awarded 94.5 points! 🙂


Now it´s time for Finland and Raili Mykkänen! 🙂 Blind search with bark and hold are correct, both first grips lovely. Distance on the back transport should be kept better after the turn, attack out of transport was fast and powerful with quality grip. Unfortunately, dog didn´t catch the sleeve on the long attack and ran under it, then repeated the bite. The rest of protection was correct, hopefully this one mistake will not influence the score much… 79 points.


Jan Böhm with Forny ze Soutoku Sázavy are ready at the start point! Here we go, good luck guys! 🙂 Blind search was speedy, direct and nicely tight. Forny ran about two meters further on the last blind, then turned back and found the helper – following bark and hold was regular and energetic. Both first grips were absolutely full, out was clean and Forny is guarding attentively. Turn on the back transport was superb, but then there was a short forging, attack was fantastic. …and the long attack? Forny hits the sleeve in incredible speed, his grip is full, he just slightly adjusted his grip before out. Re-attack was excellent! 89 points and the audience disagree again…


Next one on the field is Marco Mannara from Italy! 🙂 Blind search could be more direct. Bark and hold was started immediately and was regular, call out was done nicely. Both following exercises were correct in all phases, and so was the back transport. Attack out of transport was really fierce, but dog was changing focus during the side transport. There was a slight reserve in the grip on the long attack and out on the re-attack was before the command. 85.5 points for Italy! 🙂


Six competitors who have just finished obedience, are getting ready for protection! Willem Denoudsten from the Netherlands is at the start point, let´s get started! It is 10.52! 🙂 Blind search is speedy and tight, bark and hold regular and intense followed by correct call out. Escape and attack on the dog were really energetic, out was immediate and guarding active. Dog was slightly forging by the end of the back transport, attack was fast and powerful with full grip. Long attack was done in a great speed with full grip, dog is nicely fighting. Unfortunately, two commands were needed to out after the re-attack. 81 points for the Netherlands and the audience doesn´t agree and is booing…


The third pair of obedience is here, and we have Arnold Kivago from Hungary and Diamond Hansel from the USA on the field! 🙂 Lito vom Adlerauge is simply amazing! He has a magnificent performance, unbelievable agility and speed, Lito puts his head on his paws during down in motion – it’s simply a performance worthy of world champions, which Arnold and Lite really are! 🙂 The only mistake is chewing on the dumbbell when presenting it in retrieve over the A-frame, otherwise the performance is fantastic, amazing, simply great! 🙂 Now, the big moment has arrived for Diamond and his dog Mohawks Scooter! 🙂 Off-lead heeling is flawless. There was a slight contact with the handler on recall after stand in motion, the rest of the motion exercises were precise. Retrieves were very enthusiastic with tight presents after bringing the dumbbell, minor contact with the handler. A speedy sendaway, with down immediately on command. 89.5 points for Arnold and Lite – the judges mark all the parts of the exercise as very good, only the sendaway as excellent. The US team receives 87.5 points.


In the second pair, we have Jan Böhm and his Forny ze Soutoku Sázavy, a representative of the Czech Republic whose sparring partner will be Raili Mykkänen from Finland with her dog Parendo Vinces Captain Koons who is about to start long down! 🙂 Off-lead heeling was without any mistakes. This is the part of obedience that the guys are so good at, words can’t do it justice, you’d have to be here and see it for yourselves! 🙂 Sit and down in motion were both precise with a fast recall and finish. Stand in motion was with three steps, the end of the exercise was very nice. Flat retrieve was fast with a tight present of the dumbbell, and a great finish. The jumps were high and long. The A-frame was executed with a jump from the top and made the spectators gasp in awe. The Finnish team is starting the exercise! 🙂 Off-lead heeling was excellent, both sit and down in motion were also nice, staying fully concentrated on the handler, but there was contact with the handler on recall. Stand in motion was with one step. Flat retrieve was with contact when presenting the dumbbell, retrieves over the jump and A-frame were very nice. A great sendaway to top off this performance! 🙂 85.5 points for Jan Böhm and 81.5 for Raili Mykkänen! 🙂


Obedience and protection of the first group are over, so we can look forward to the next group of six, starting with Willem Denoudsten from Holland and Marco Mannara from Italy. Right after them, Jan Böhm will be one of the two following competitors! 🙂 It’s 9.29 and the Dutch dog, Aaron vom Münzenberg, is starting obedience. Off-lead heeling is great, with a beautifully concentrated and pleasant expression. Sit and down in motion were immediate, with a full concentration on the handler, call out was with a slide towards the handler, a swift finish. Stand in motion was with two steps ahead, the finish was excellent. Flat retrieve was fast with a steady grip, both the retrieve over the jump and over the A-frame were excellent. The sendaway was off-center, but with instant down. The Italian team is at the starting point! 🙂 Off-lead heelwork is graceful and simply beautiful to watch! 🙂 Both sit and down in motion were alright, but recall could have been faster. Stand in motion was steady, but with a loss of concentration and looking around. The start of the flat retrieve was fast, but bumping into the handler when presenting the dumbbell. Retrieve over the jump and A-frame were flawless. A fast sendaway, stopping and lying down instantly, wonderful! 🙂 87.5 points for the Netherlands and 86.5 for Italy! 🙂


The Slovak competitor, Milan Škrabko, is sending his female Axa z Pekla to the first blind. 🙂 Good luck! 🙂 The blind search was fast, direct, looking thoroughly into each blind. Bark is regular, and the position after call out was correct. Escape was nice, but Axa needed an extra command for out. The following attack was striking with a smooth out this time and active guarding. Beautiful back transport, with an energetic attack, full and firm grip and instant out. Long attack was fast, with a slightly weaker grip, both outs were smooth and guarding was active. 82 points for Slovakia! 🙂


Pavel Hrobař and Al Campo Graf Czech are starting now. The Czechs are cheering. Let’s wish this team the best of luck! 🙂 The dog is running fast and closely around the blinds. There was a momentary glance towards the sixth blind when running around the fourth. Bark and hold was lovely, the call out was great. Escape and attack on the dog were performed with great stamina, with full and firm grips and smooth outs. During the second guarding, Al Campo almost lied down. Back transport was with a nice position at the heel, with a great concentration on the helper, a very nice side transport! 🙂 Unfortunately, the dog came off the sleeve during long attack, the helper fell and almost didn’t manage to offer his sleeve. The re-attack and the rest of protection were alright. 74.5 points for Pavel and the Czech team!


The stadium is almost full of spectators now, and they are all watching Yulian Hatala from Ukraine and his dog Tuz and Gratsiano! 🙂 The blind search was direct and tight. Bark could have been stronger at the beginning, but after that, it was regular and intense. Call out was perfect. Escape was energetic and fast, with a smooth out, the second attack was also striking, but the dog needed a second command for out. Back transport was correct, with a nice concentration on the helper. After the attack, there was an extra command necessary for out. The long attack worked out well, the helper lost his balance for a moment, the re-attack was great, the dog ran around the helper three times during the guarding phase :-). Yulian had a hard time with Tuz today, but the dog’s drive and fierceness are simply amazing! 🙂 70.5 points for Ukraine 🙂


Up next in the group of protections is the Czech representative Daniel Paleček with Looker Mi-Ji. Come on, guys, show them what you’re made of! 🙂 The dog is carefully looking in, with beautiful tight circles around the blinds. Bark and hold was with a few pauses, but the dog nicely backed up to assume the correct position at the handler’s heel :-). Escape was energetic and fierce, with a hard attack on the sleeve, the following attack was excellent as well, both outs were smooth, with attentive guarding. Back transport was with a momentary loss of concentration on the handler during turning. The dog barked before the attack, but the attack was great. The sit before side transport was incomplete. A fantastic long attack! 🙂 Amazing – incredible speed, without any pauses, Looker can’t get enough of biting, it’s such a great show! 🙂 The rest of the protection is okay. Let’s wait for the points, they are counting them at the moment… 90 points for Dan and Looker! 🙂 …the moderator first announced 86.5 points, then he corrected himself, and luckily it was a higher score 🙂


After the round of obedience, this group’s protections will be next, to be started off by the German representative Jürgen Lauer! 🙂 His performance was supposed to start at 8.02 … Getting started at 8.25, the German team is on the field now! 🙂 Doctor vom Hirtengarten is barking while running around the blinds, the actual bark and hold was immediate and very intense. Call out from the blind was with a correct position at the heel. The escape was performed with great stamina and fierceness and smooth out. The same can be said about the attack. There was active guarding. Before the back transport, the dog did not sit, heelwork was worse during turning. The attack was amazing, again with great fierceness, but the dog attacked the sleeve during the guarding phase. The grip in the long attack was weak but so energetic that the dog pulled the sleeve down a little and the helper had to fix it. The re-attack was vigorous and fierce again, but with another attack on the sleeve during guarding. 85.5 points for Germany! 🙂


I would like to point out one important person on the field – the assistant judge for long down – I have never seen an assistant judge work as carefully as he does – he doesn’t take his eyes off the dog even for a second. When he is walking behind the handler, he keeps watching the dog and doesn’t even look at the handler. He is hypnotizing the dogs so carefully, it’s as if he was looking into their soul. It is fascinating to watch him at work – because, among other things, he is also a really handsome man! 🙂


The third and last couple of the first group of obedience is Czechoslovak :-), and Milan Škrabko and Pavel Hrobař are starting now, so the adrenalin is going to run high! 🙂 Pavel and Al Campo Graf Czech are ready for performance, Milan and his female Axa z Pekla are heading off to start long down! 🙂 Off-lead heeling is generally flawless and concentrated except one small thing – after the first sit and subsequent turn to the left, Pavel paused for a moment. Sit in motion was great. Down in motion also lovely, with just a small tap with the chin into the handler on recall. Immediate stand in motion with a flawless recall and finish. Flat retrieve at a good speed, the present could have been closer, but the grip was firm. Retrieve over the jump with a high and graceful jump over the hurdle, a lovely execution of the exercise. Pavel had to throw the dumbbell twice over the A-frame, the speed was good, but the grip was chewy. Excellent sendaway! 🙂 Well, that’s it for this performance, there’s another one starting right now, so let’s wish Milan and Axa lots of luck! 🙂 Very enthusiastic and attentive heelwork, Axa is walking like a ballerina :-). Sit in motion was with immediate position, but for a moment, Axa held her paw up and slightly bent :-). Down in motion was fast, but looking and sniffing around. Recall and finish were excellent. Stand in motion was a bit looser and she was looking around a lot, but then a great recall – fast and immediate with a tight present without any contact and a nice finish. Flat retrieve was alright, retrieve over the jump was nice, as well as the A-frame. A superb sendaway! Both the Czech and Slovak performance were really nice – let’s give the judges a few moments to count the scores! 🙂 86.5 points for Pavel Hrobař and 87.5 for Milan Škrabka! 🙂 …announcing the points is quite confusing …


In the second pair of this group, there is Yulian Hatala from Ukraine and, with him, there was supposed to be Roger Snollaerts from Belgium – but instead, there is a substitute dog starting long down now… I have no idea why. Tuz iz Gratsiano has excellent off-lead heeling – we see the dog in beautiful concentration, making precise turns and sitting immediately. Unfortunately, instead of sit in motion, Tuz is standing, it seems as if the handler turned around a little to check on his dog. Down in motion is quick, with a nice recall and finish. Stand in motion was with two steps ahead, recall with a slight bump with the chin into the handler, a very nice finish. Flat retrieve was very energetic, with a tight present, beautiful jumps, and a flawless A-frame. An amazing sendaway with immediate down! 🙂 The substitute dog is starting the exercise… 81 points for Yulian! 🙂


…the weather is really pleasant this morning in Ajdovščina – the sun is shining, the morning is fresh, but there is no doubt that the pleasant 13 degrees will turn into a very hot day… But anything is better than bora! 🙂


Daniel Paleček and Jürgen Lauer as the first two competitors of the 2018 FMBB TOP 20 are on the field! 🙂 Wish them luck !!! 🙂 Daniel is heading for long down… Doctor vom Hirtengarten is under the supervision of four judges, who carefully monitor his off-lead heeling – he is well concentrated, doing accurate turns and immediate sits. Since we are in the TOP 20, I will point out that taking position in sit in motion could have been even faster, down in motion was gradual, not immediate. Recall was with a nice present and correct finish. In stand in motion, the dog took two steps and lost concentration – Doctor was looking around, the following recall and finish were alright. Flat retrieve could have been faster, a small bump with the dumbbell into the handler. Retrieve over the jump was flawless. Retrieve over the A-frame was with a high leap off the A-frame, the rest of the exercise was correct. An amazing sendaway! 🙂 And now, Daniel Paleček with Looker Mi-Ji are ready to go – and the Czech team on the grandstand will be cheering for them, even with a Czech flag. So, let’s go! 🙂 Off-lead heeling is perfect, with a constant position at the heel, nice concentration, turning and sitting without hesitation. Sit in motion could have been just a bit faster, the dog looked around for a moment after taking position, as if expecting recall. Recall was fast and tight, with one small step but no contact. Flat retrieve was enthusiastic, with a slight bump when presenting the dumbbell. Retrieve over the jump was with a moment of hesitation on the way back but the A-frame was perfect. So, guys, now just the sendaway, you can do it! 🙂 Sit after returning from the retrieves was a bit slower but the sendaway was fantastic – great job! 🙂 The judges are discussing the verdict, which they change after a moment. Germany gets 87.5 points and 84 for the Czech Republic! 🙂


There are two groups of six and one group of eight, starting with obedience as usual, and right after the end of obedience, protections will start. In the first pair of the first group, Daniel Paleček from the Czech Republic and Jürgen Lauer from Germany are entering the field! 🙂


We wish you a beautiful morning from Ajdovščina 2018 FMBB for the last time 🙂 We are looking forward to enjoying this exciting day with you, and finding out who the next world champion will be! 🙂


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