This text is dedicated to all fans of the Czech dog sport to clarify the situation that arose in connection with my person. I believe, however, that it will open eyes even to people, who do not know or do not fully realize that this issue affects also them.


I was a member of the Training Committee (VK) of the Czech Cynological Union (ČKS) from 2015. At the same time I was appointed as a delegate representing the Czech Republic in the FCI Utility Dogs Commission. As team leader I was accompanying the Czech national team at the FCI World Championships.


The FCI Utility Dogs Commission is responsible for dog training, changes in IPO/IGP trial rules are discussed there, and conditions for the participation in world championships are decided there. Also new regulations and guidelines are issued there which are to be followed by the FCI member countries. The FCI Commission meets twice a year and according to the agreement of the member countries it organizes international courses for dog sport judges. The knowledge gained at those courses is very important to the whole dog sport community in the Czech Republic. However, to get information like that from the FCI Commission to us, dog handlers and owners, it must first be properly understood, well translated from German or English, and presented in the correct wording to the ČKS Training Committee. This was my activity as well as translation and editing of the new IGP trial rules.


However, it is paradoxical that the Training Committee dealing with dog training does not in fact have any powers within ČKS. All its decisions are only proposals that are to be approved by the Board. Also, all meetings of the Training Committee are under the control of either the secretary Jiří Šiška or the chairman Jaroslav Šmolík, so that everything is directed only the way they want. One of them was always present, although the Training Committee should be formed by five people only and those should be judges. Their names are always listed in the heading of the minutes as “guest”. The Training Committee then processes everything in the form of minutes which are proposals ONLY and after that submits the document to the ČKS Board for approval. In the footer of each report from the Training Committee there is one sentence that could never be removed: “Subject to approval of the ČKS board.”


So if the Training Committee consists of people who “understand” dog training, but who afterwards do not have the support of the Board which does not have much in common with dog training, it will happen that the proposal will not be approved. And this is happening very often, as the chairman Šmolík has almost a demagogic influence on the ČKS Board. In an attempt not to get on the wrong side of chairman Šmolík, the members of the Board co-operate with him even though they often disagree inside their minds. They are actually afraid they would be removed from their offices and that if they disagree – or, God forbid, if they have different opinions – they would lose their “positions” and will be excluded from the Board.


From the very beginning of my work in the Training Committee, I have never shared the same opinions with Jaroslav Šmolík. He did not like my valuable knowledge gained from the FCI Commission, he considered that to be useless. In his eyes, my activity in the role of the FCI delegate was inconsistent with my predecessors, because I have always arrived with so much information from every FCI Commission meeting that the regulations or interpretation of the trial rules had to be changed consequently. What I did not like was the way he was talking about the members of ČKS, the competitors representing our country, the helpers and others. I also know that I was not the only member of the Training Committee who was annoyed by the way he communicated and interfered in the work of the Committee, but those members did not want to cause bad feelings…


After the FCI meeting in Rheine in September 2017, as an FCI delegate, I received the original document of the IGP trial rules in German and English. It was obvious to me that new trial rules will have to be translated into Czech, preferably by someone who is not only a dog owner, but is also active and has proper knowledge of dog sport, because some terms may be ambiguous and wrong translation could subsequently have a negative impact on the trial rules. Since I am able to speak both languages, I have offered to the chairman of Committee Jiří Lasík that I will translate the trial rules. The Board agreed, surprisingly. I was asked by the ČKS secretary Šiška to determine the amount of my reward for the translation, but I was afraid to tell any price as I did not want to lose this opportunity due to the amount of money being too high. I really cared about the quality of translation and that its text would be clear for both beginners and seasoned handlers. But above all, I wanted to do it so that new trial rules could be used in practice. That is the most important, I think.


I have repeated my answer regarding the price of the translation at the meetings of the Committee: “I do not translate for a living and I am not doing it for money. If the ČKS decides to pay me something, I will respect that amount of money.” I have replied the same via e-mail to the secretary Šiška, and I can prove that. He is lying now claiming that I did not respond to his repeated questions.

Due to the fact that IGP trial rules are going to come into force on the 1st of January 2019, I considered it important that the translation would be completed as soon as possible. Vision of the Training Committee was to familiarize the Czech judges with the new trial rules already during the judges meeting in Pardubice on the 10th of February 2018. Even though I was very busy and I did the translation only in my spare time, I handed its rough draft to the Training Committee in December 2017. I call it a rough draft because it was necessary to add some issues from Czech legislation and valid rules from ČKS, as well as some edited text regarding practice of each exercise, picture attachments, and later also some information learned from the FCI course for the judges that took place in Nova Gorica in Slovenia in January 2018.


Right after this rough draft was handed in and it became clear that the deadline was OK with the judges meeting in Pardubice, the chairman Šmolík repeatedly stated that he did not want the judges to read the new trial rules and to publish these rules.


Approximately in the mid November, I received, as a delegate, an invitation to the FCI judges meeting on the new IGP trial rules. It was planned from 19th to 21st January 2018 in Nova Gorica in Slovenia, and up to five dog sport judges from each country could participate. I sent this invitation back straight away to the chairman of the Training Committee and the member of the Board, Jiří Lasík. I can prove it.


The judges who should participate in the course for judges in Slovenia were nominated at the Training Committee meeting in December (5th of December 2017). I quote from the minutes of VK 12/2017: “VK proposes that the MVDr. Jana Glisníková, Theodor Krajčí and MUDr. Jiří Tichý will take part in the IGP trial rules international course for judges in Slovenia from 19th to 21st of January“.


The ČKS Board met on 11th of December 2017, where Ing. Šabatová raised a counter-proposal regarding the nominated judges, especially in relation to the person of MUDr. Jiří Tichý. Here is an excerpt from the Board minutes: “202/17 – on the basis of a counter-proposal by Ing. Šabatová, the participation in the IGP trial rules international course for judges held from 19th to 21st of January 2018 in Slovenia is approved as follows: MVDr. Jana Glisníková, Theodor Krajčí.” (See the minutes available on ČKS website.)


I do not know how much Ing. Šabatová was familiar with the IPO/IGP trial rules issue that she had filed a counter-proposal against participation of MUDr. Tichý at the FCI meeting, but she certainly earned a huge insignificant plus from the chairman Šmolík for that.


On 15th of December 2017, four days after the ČKS meeting, the secretariat paid the accommodation reservation for me and Theodor Krajčí. That means the ČKS secretariat did receive a notice about invitation to the FCI judges meeting from Jiří Lasík, because it included instructions for payment. I find it quite illogical that the secretariat would have paid EUR 365 for accommodation of Mr. Krajčí in advance without being sure that he would have time at all to attend the international course for judges.


I have never been officially asked by anyone to re-send an invitation to Theodor Krajčí or that I should have informed him myself that the Board has approved him. I am not a member of the Board that has made the decision. I was never appointed in any minutes from the Board or the Training Committee to contact Theodor Krajčí and inform him that he was delegated.


As far as my person is concerned, I do not think I am competent to tell Theodor Krajčí that he needs to attend the international course for judges. This is perhaps the responsibility of the ČKS secretariat, which had information from Jiří Lasík. Any other member of the Training Committee could also easily inform him, for example Miroslav Ryneš, who is in contact with Theodor Krajčí, as they are co-workers. I never even said I was in touch with Theodor Krajčí. I thought that Theodor Krajčí was informed about the international course for judges. That is what Theodor Krajčí confirmed to me at the meeting in Pardubice, I quote: “Well, I knew about it, but when nobody confirmed anything, I wasn’t interested. I did not feel like going anyway because of my German.”


When I arrived at the venue and found out that Theodor Krajčí was not there, I immediately contacted Jiří Lasík, who subsequently informed me that Theodor Krajčí would not come because allegedly no one had confirmed his participation in the international course for judges. I wonder why Theodor Krajčí did not contact anyone from the Training Committee when he was in doubt.


At the meeting of the Training Committee on 9th of January 2018, a staff member of the secretariat Mr. Srb handed over a food allowance of EUR 77 to me. At the same time, he asked me whether I would accept food allowance of EUR 77 for Mr. Krajčí, so he would not have to post it to him. I agreed and accepted the amount because I thought Theodor Krajčí would come and I would give him the money. For the uninitiated, I would like to explain that this is a normal procedure. The team leader of a team going for the world events takes the finances and hands over the money to the person concerned at the venue. I, since I was not able to hand over the money to anyone, have returned the whole amount of EUR 77 to the secretariat of ČKS immediately at the occasion of the Training Committee meeting on the 6th of February, 2018. The evidence that Mr. Srb has received the money is for sure archived by the secretariat of ČKS. An accusation that I have been enriching myself at the expense of the ČKS is one big lie.


Another untruthful piece of information is that I have taken a deposit for travel expenses. This is really not true information, I only accepted food allowance. They would have to have a receipt for it and they do not have one. All my travel expenses were paid after my return. They were sent to my bank account, so I have proof that I have never received any advancement on travel expenses.


I was not even scheduled to travel together with Theodor Krajčí, we should have made our own way there. I did not contact him because both of us are from a completely different part of the Czech Republic (Kroměříž – Blatnice – 383 km). The information provided on the ČKS website is misleading and false, against which I will fight back.


The international course for judges in Nova Gorica was followed by a meeting of the Board to which only Theodor Krajčí was invited, I was not. Subsequently, on the 24th of January 2018, I received a letter from Mr. Šmolík. The letter was stating that I had made serious error in communication with Theodor Krajčí, which caused Theodor Krajčí did not attend the international training course for judges and the ČKS therefore demanded my explanation of the matter. That’s what I did. However, according to the chairman of the Training Committee Jiří Lasík who telephoned me afterwards and said to me “if I am seriously for real”, it was clear to me that the truth did not interest anybody.


I am attaching my statement, as well as the letter from the chairman of ČKS Šmolík.

At the same time, I literally slaved away on incorporating all the knowledge and additions I had received at the FCI international course for judges and that the translation is done by the deadline for the next meeting of the Training Committee for final comments. With time, I realize that it was actually the intention – to take me away from working on the new trial rules so I would miss the deadline.


The Training Committee meeting was on the 6th of February 2018, where I presented the final version of the IGP Trial rules. However, instead of the word “thank you”, I only got the remark that I was a “swot”. The guest was Jiří Šiška this time. All that time, I expected Jiří Lasík or Jiří Šiška to mention the topic of Krajčí, but they all behaved quite normally, as if we were greatest of friends and we mainly discussed materials for the training meeting for judges in Pardubice. The new IGP Trial rules were sent electronically to all working judges, so everyone can read it before the judge’s training meeting.


On 10th of February 2018, the judges’ training meeting was conducted on the current trial rules and I ran about a two-hour block on IGP trial rules at the end. Even at this training meeting, no one has ever suggested that I am essentially written off and that it is just a formality. I also consider their behaviour to be purposeful because it was agreed that IGP judges training meeting would be going ahead and I was the only trained judge.


Subsequently, on the 21st of February I have received an e-mail from Jiří Lasík that the Board decided to terminate my activities for the FCI Utility Dogs Commission including my functioning in the Training Committee. I am attaching the written decision.

I was marginally speaking on social networks about the matter, when the posts regarding my constructive removal began to appear there. I had no intentions to concern myself with it anymore. However, I have now rethought my opinion and decided to put the whole matter to right, based on the discovery that the ČKS is slandering my name on its official website, publishes lies and tries to discredit me insubstantially. I will be seeking legal advice and will fight back.


In three years of my experience in the Training Committee, I found out that the original idea of setting up a training committee within the ČKS was exceeded. It was definitely a good idea. We associate all dog owners, no matter in what they are training their dogs, whether they are showing them or just enjoying them. But let’s create a training committee that will be the ultimate body, to prevent people who know nothing about dog training or have a much distorted opinion of it to interfere in its activities. This is how I originally thought the training committee would work. With this vision, I went into it and I wanted to fix our reputation in the FCI Utility Dogs Commission to which people were going for years and only knew how to say “hello”, but otherwise did not understand anything. At the beginning, I felt like an idiot who did not know anything and had to ask about everything, but to put things relatively right in our country, it was necessary. At the same time, I have to say that whatever I asked about at the FCI Utility Dogs Commission, I always got the answer. Nobody ever brushed me off and belittled me. All suggestions and comments are discussed and everyone can express their opinion.


Why does it not work like this in our country? We were given an opportunity to send up to 5 judges to the FCI international course for judges and it turned out that I was there on my own. They asked me why such a dog sport superpower, which the Czech Republic is, did not send more judges. Why the Czech Republic does not want to organize World Championship in tracking? I could not answer a lot of questions because it would be embarrassing for me to say: “You know, the Training Committee does not decide about this and the Board is not interested in promoting useless things like that when it would mean reflux of finances.”


The leadership of the ČKS is primarily about the promotion of their own interests and the effort to maintain their own posts at any cost. They mind a person who is trying, is active and at the same time independent.

Although the Czech Cynological Association associates dog owners, those who are devoted to training dogs are at the bottom of the pile. By strange dictatorship in leadership, they are getting rid of capable people and discourage them, or in other words frustrate those who get amongst them and try to do their work well. Those who do IPO/IGP are not interesting for ČKS at all, because there is only a small number of them and they are perceived as trouble makers. Despite the fact they are putting the Czech Republic and the ČKS on the map by their successes abroad, they have no right to speak. The ČKS is mainly concerned about the mass and the influx of finances from other clubs it associates. And there are many times more of these, they do nothing and always support ČKS.


That is what happened in my case.

They were looking for someone to charge with Theodor Krajčí cause. I did not have Lasík’s support anymore, simply the perfect opportunity to get rid of me.

The ČKS is not ashamed to issue their false statement against my person in an attempt to blackmail me, even though I did not do anything wrong.

Many breed clubs and regional organizations have stood up for me and have submitted a proposal to the ČKS Board through the Czech Malinois Club to keep my person as an FCI delegate.


I would like to thank all those who supported me and stand behind me. I really appreciate not only your efforts, but above all that you are standing behind your opinion and are not afraid to sign your name under it. Thank you.


Jana Glisníková
Translation: Markéta Braierová, Eva Fiedlerová


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