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I. Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions of access to paid content are in connection with the Internet server terms and set further rules for the usage of paid content of server.


The Provider of is:

Mgr. Drahuše Mašková

V Sádkách 21

251 63 Kunice, the Czech Republic

Telephone: +420 605 275 860


IČ: 65788982

DIČ: CZ7852180798

(Hereinafter referred to as “Provider”)


II. Introductory Provisions

Content of the Internet site is divided into two parts, a content free of charge and a premium, paid content. Visitors of site have automatic access towards the content that is without charge.


III. Paid Content

Paid content of site is accessible to its visitors after fulfilling the conditions listed below.

The Provider reserves the right to change or remove any part of server content and to publish any part of server content either as free of charge content or as the paid one, without a prior notice.

Paid content is accessible only to registered visitors of server after the fees for access to paid content are paid.

Registered user of site is a user who has created an access account on server (hereinafter referred to as the “Registered User”).


IV. Payment for Access to the Paid Content

The payment for accss to the paid content is realized by the Registered User as the usage fees or the subscription fees, depending on whether the Registered User wants to have access to a single part of the paid content (e.g. a particular article, photo gallery or video) or to the entire paid content.

To access a single part of the paid content, the Registered User will perform a lump-sum payment of the usage fee. Subsequently, a single part of the paid content will be made available for the Registered User – specific article etc.

Access to the entire paid content is possible after the Registered User pays the subscription fee. Subsequently, the entire paid content of server will be made available for the Registered User (both paid and free of charge contents) for the ordered period of time (counted from the date of successful implementation of payment). Subscription is not transferable to another person.


V. Amount and Methods of Payment for Access to the Paid Content

The current fee for access to the paid content and the actual amount of the subscription fee are listed on the site. If stated, VAT is also included.

Payment for access to the paid content will be conducted by the Registered User via payment system (payment gate) Go Pay. The Registered User will choose payment method from options offered by payment gate Go Pay. The Registered User receives the confirmation of payment to an e-mail he/she stated at registration.


VI. Copyright

Dealing with server content, which is protected by copyright, is governed by Act No. 121/2000 Coll., The Copyright Act, as amended. The Provider reserves all rights under the Copyright Act to all the information and other content published by the Provider or its employees or co-workers, especially the server editors. Any reproduction or redistribution of this content is not allowed without permission of the Provider.


VII. Liability, Responsibility for Content

The Provider assumes no responsibility for the correctness, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of any content of site.

The Provider is not liable for any damage or other loss incurred in connection with the server usage, or for damage or detriment caused by the server malfunction (including partial malfunction).


VIII. Reclamation

If technical problems with paid content or malfunction in access to such content occur, the Registered User is entitled to contact the Provider via e-mail address:


IX. Data Protection

The Provider collects only those personal data about users that are necessary to contact the user and those that users voluntarily entered during the registration of his/her user account. Those data are not passed on third parties.


X. The Validity and Effect

These terms and conditions of access to the paid content to server are valid and effective from the 1st July 2017.

By the registration, the user agrees to these terms and conditions for using the paid content of the server.


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